Who We Are

Lorren Barham is the owner, operator of the hydro underwater treadmill and Swimming pool therapist, manager of Pet Wellness Worx and loving mom of not one, not two, but FOUR four-legged kids. Not to mention her parrot Gizmo that chatters all day…

As an animal lover I witnessed first-hand how in winter time, my dogs struggled to get up in the mornings, or were stiff after too much exercise, and Dusty my boxer who became lame in her old age, Yogi-Bear who has severe hip dysplasia and Sophie who had spinal surgery not too long ago. That’s how my love for animals lead me to the rehabilitation field because the benefits of pain management, physical therapy, hydrotherapy, post op care and acupuncture drastically improved their quality of life – and so I decided to follow my heart and passion, and link my profession to pet care and started Pet Wellness Worx in November 2014, after training in the UK at Greyfriars Veterinary Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Centre.
Understanding, among others, the important role of post-surgery rehabilitation, as well as the recovery techniques used to treat auto immune disorders including degenerative myelopathy, neurological spinal prolapse and hip dysplasia that’s just in her own clan of pooches
Lorren realized that it was imperative to provide all these forms of treatment at one location. With the benefits of holistic care in mind, she decided to follow her passion and start Pet Wellness Worx. Well aware of the important role healing, rehab and wellness play in creating a better quality of life for pets, she decided to spread the love. Now pet lovers have access to all these specialized services under one roof!
With her corporate background, and her love for animals, she decided to follow her heart and passion, and link her profession to pet care. “ I love showing my Frenchies, and prior to them, my boxers, in the breed ring. I also loved training on a Saturday in Pinelands at Dogz at Home Training School with Boris and on a Sunday in Milnerton at Cape Handlers Dog Club with Busta. I enjoy doing Tellington TTouch Therapy on my bird as well.”

Lorren was trained in the UK at Greyfriars Veterinary Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Centre and has acquired invaluable techniques for recovery and rehabilitation in water. Typical cases were post-injury, post-surgical, weight-management, geriatrics and convalescence. She has a three year National Diploma in Agricultural Management, Level 1 +2 Hills Veterinary Nutrition Advisor certificate, Royal Canine Nutrition Certificates Levels 1-4 and a Certified Canine Body Worker.
Lorren strives to help animals with obesity related conditions, by using exercise in the underwater treadmill. She also works with canine athletes for pre-event conditioning, using the most advanced companion animal rehabilitation equipment in the industry. She is commencing her CCRP in December 2017.

Lorren is a highly motivated team-player who combines initiative with immense passion and empathy for canines. She is committed to providing the highest quality care for her patients.

What We Do

Pet Wellness Worx specialises in the health, well-being and rehabilitative care of man’s best friend. A pet's life is short in comparison to that of their human companions. Our mission is to give them the quality of life they deserve, making every precious moment count.

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