What is Acupuncture?Acupuncture

  • The oldest medicine still used today,which has been used for approximately 4500 years in animals.
  • Insertion of needles into specific points in the body to achieve therapy and balance.
  • Holistic concept of diagnosis and treatment which utilises the body’s own ability to repair itself.

What conditions can be treated?

  • Musculoskeletal system disorders.
  • Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia.
  • Intervertebral disk disease.
  • Muscles spasms and tension.
  • Effective in pain management.
  • Nervous system and neurological disorders.
  • Degenerative Myelopathy.

Will it hurt my pet and is it safe?

  • It is one of the safest therapies available when performed by a properly trained veterinarian.
  • Needles have rounded ends, not cutting ends, so they separate the skin and muscles.
  • Some animals will feel some pressure or heat when the needle is inserted through the skin.
  • Once the needle is through the skin, the animal generally does not react.