faqQ. Do I need a referral from my regular veterinarian?

A. A referral from your regular veterinarian is preferable.We will be in touch with your vet throughout your pet’s rehabilitation programme so that they remain up to date on your pet’s progress.

Q. How long do treatments take and how often do I need to come?

A. First consultation & assessments, depending on the condition, usually take 45-60 minutes. Treatments typically range between 30-45 minutes, again depending on the needs of your pet.

Q. How does the underwater treadmill differ from swimming?

A. The underwater treadmill increases normal leg movement, with near normal extension (straightening) of the leg. Swimming increases flexion (bending) and provides an overall body work out without concussive forces on the joints.

Q. How does rehab prevent injury?

A. The prevention of injury is paramount. This is especially true when already recovering from an injury, as the healthy legs are subjected to increased strain and are at risk of further injury. Rehabilitation is important for strengthening and to increase movement & flexibility. Just like humans, dogs are predisposed to favour one side. It isn’t unusual for them to always turn the same way and depend on the stronger side. This increases the likelihood of injury on the weaker side and lack of movement and flexibility. Correcting this imbalance is very important.

Q. May I be present during my dogs’ treatments?

A. Absolutely, we request that you be present during the initial treatments, discussions and consultation, and encourage you to stay for all subsequent treatments. Knowledge, awareness and participation is key to your dog’s successful rehabilitation and recovery.

Q. May I bring my dog in for a massage or hydrotherapy even if he doesn’t need rehab?

A. Yes, we do both rehabilitation, exercise and fitness for high performance athlete canines at Pet Wellness Worx.

Q. What are your hours?

A.  Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm; Two evenings per week until 6.30pm; Saturdays 8am-12:00pm.

Q. May I bring my other pets for moral support?

A. Unfortunately not, due to space constraints this isn’t always possible but we will endevour to accommodate you where we can.

Q. Should I still continue to see my veterinarian if my dog is in rehab?

A. Absolutely, although we provide a number of modalities for rehab to improve wellness and quality of life, we do not provide diagnostic, surgical or routine veterinary services.