Shelby has pain relief and returned to complete mobility


What is the greatest benefit you pet derived from our services?


Greatest benefit that Keira derived from Pet Wellness Worx is pain relief


The best animal rehabilitation practice around! Pet Wellness Worx
has greatly helped many a dog on the road to recovery (whether from surgery or other health issues) and offers fantastic animal rehab care, with lots of love and dedication. I currently have one (of my three) fur babies going there for treatment after having TPLO surgery on her torn cruciate ligament & can attest to their great service and work ethic.

What is the greatest benefit for your pet from our services?

Maintenance and recovery from injuries

All aspects are fully covered and super happy with your services, especially Dt May (who always makes a plan to see us is there is a crisis) and Britta, not to mentioned the owner, Lorren Barham, who always takes an interest in my dogs. Aldo the receptionist who always bends over backwards to try and accommodate us.


I don’t know how anyone who has a pet that has undergone a serious injury/operation is not doing physio with them. It is a vital part of any recovery and ensures that you give your pet every chance of living a normal life again. It should be not only recommended, but strongly advised by all veterinarians. It is the next natural step in any animal’s recovery process. Danny would never have done as well without it.


What is the greatest benefit your pet derived from our service?
I would say her walking improved a lot with the treatment she received from you. I am highly satisfied with the treatment received.

Has our staff treated you with care, attention and courteousness?
As an Afrikaans speaking person the staff made sure that I fully understand what they are doing

I must say I am very impressed by the way you tried to improve the wellness of the animals you attend too

WHJ Kellerman

Daisy(7years old) was initially diagnosed with degeneration of vertebrae in her neck and lower back- 6months ago, although I had noticed general deterioration in movement and general well being over the months before she was diagnosed. For the past 2 month, she has had physio, laser therapy and of course the hydro sessions and I can honestly say my dog is happier than ever before, she is completely back to her old self and has such increased stamina and endurance when we walk now and she is also very playful again! THANK YOU so much to the staff at Pet wellness, you guys are great and you all really go the extra mile for each baby. Daisy actually gets excited to come to you as we have a little ritual and then she knows we are going to Petwellness, she adores the attention and fuss made over her and its been a real WOW time for me.


Big thank you for making a huge difference in Max’s life, he has major improvement with mobility and pain control


What is the greatest benefit you pet derived from our service?

Increased mobility and pain freer

I am so happy and so is Diesel

Has our staff treated you with care and attention?

Perfectly polite and efficient