Thanks to all for looking after Ferdi Everitt so well. Running around like a spring chicken!

Well done Dr May, Dani and Brita

Dearest Lorren, Sheena, Danni and Britta

Thank you so much for welcoming Zanzi so warmly this morning! She REALLY enjoyed the session in the tank, I just wish I could bring her every week! Metza was a little bit upset when she saw me taking the towel and leaving with Zanzi!
You are doing such wonderful work, the hydrotherapy has been so good for Metzie. Hopefully I will still have her for a long time with me.

Enjoy your day!

Fondest regards

Mari, Metzie and Zanzi

Mari Swart

Rubi and Maxi Seem much happier in themselves.  Pet Wellness Worx Staff are very professional, understanding and accommodating

Heidi De Jager

Reason has much better mobility and improved mood.

Maresia Haasbroek

Dear Pet Wellness Team,

I just had to share the pick of Paulie post-spa day. He is obviously very relaxed and relieved of the cronic pain and discomfort. Thank you all!

Much love, Jonita Bagdocimo

Jonita Bagdocimo

Big boy really benefitting from losing weight as he feels a lot better

Thank you for persevering with Chamoius he now walks with his forelimb on the ground

He moved his back legs whilst I was tickling him after his Shockwave session


Sally now is weight bearing on her hind limb something that she never wanted to do after surgery

Thanks for all your help and encouragement with Skye we really needed it