Laser Therapy


Increases blood flow to damaged tissue and cells through microcirculation, which is extremely beneficial for post-surgical cases, as it reduces and alleviates chronic and acute pain faster and more efficiently than any other modality.

Increased circulation in the body, increasing vasodilation and activating the lymphatic drainage system, by reducing pro-inflammatory mediators.

Reducing inflammation and swelling. Excellent treatment modality for pain and arthritis.

Improves oxygenation to the cells of affected injured tissue.

Improves cell health and functionality.

Stimulates cell metabolism which stimulates cellular enzymes to make more energy by escalating protein synthesis and cell metabolism.

Enhances the transportation of essential nutrition to the cells and deposes damaging by-products.

Decreases tissue inflammation and reduces general oedema (fluid trapped in body tissue).

Activates immune cells in the immune system and reduces bacteria and infection in the treatment region, which brings faster recovery and restoration to injured tissue.

Encourages release of natural painkillers (endorphins). Shorter treatment time is required, as well as quicker recovery for the patient, incorporating drug-free therapy and non-invasive technology.

Free of side effects.