Meet The Team

Untitled-7Lorren Barham | Animal Hydrotherapist

Lorren, the owner and operator of the hydro underwater treadmill and therapist in the pool, manager of Pet Wellness Worx and loving mom of not one, not two, but FOUR four-legged kids. Not to mention her parrot Gizmo, who chatters all day…

Lorren understands, better than most, the important role of post-surgery rehabilitation, as well as the recovery techniques used to treat auto immune disorders, including degenerative myelopathy, neurological spinal prolapse and hip dysplasia, because her own clan of pooches has suffered from all of the above

Lorren realized that it was imperative to provide all these forms of treatment at one location.  With the benefits of holistic care in mind, she decided to follow her passion and start Pet Wellness Worx. Well aware of the important role healing, rehab and wellness play in creating a better quality of life for pets, she decided to spread the love. Now pet lovers have access to all these specialized services under one roof!

With her corporate background, and her love for animals, she decided to follow her heart and passion, and link her profession to pet care. “I love showing my Frenchies, and prior to them, my boxers, in the breed ring. I also love training on a Saturday in Pinelands at Cape Province Dog Club with Boris and on a Sunday in Milnerton at Cape Handlers Dog Club with Busta. I enjoy doing Tellington TTouch Therapy on my bird as well.”

Lorren was trained in the UK at Greyfriars Veterinary Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Centre and has acquired invaluable techniques for recovery and rehabilitation in water.  Typical cases were post-injury, post-surgical, weight-management, geriatrics and convalescence. She has a three year National Diploma in Agricultural Management, Level 1 and 2 Hills & Level 1-4 Royal Canine Veterinary Nutrition Advisor certificate and has completed the theoretical component of The Caninolgy Canine Body Worker course.

Lorren strives to help animals with obesity-related conditions by using exercise on the underwater treadmill.  She also works with canine athletes for pre-event conditioning, using the most advanced companion animal rehabilitation equipment in the industry.

Lorren is a highly motivated team player who combines initiative with immense passion and empathy for canines. She is committed to providing the highest quality care for her patients.

May MaritzDr May Maritz | Acupuncturist

Dr May qualified in 2010 as a veterinarian and has taken up a keen interest in holistic rehabilitation work, specifically acupuncture restoring and achieving balance and therapy for the pets with ailing immune systems, severe injury and muscular-skeletal injuries, including arthritis. Dr May loves to take her Rhodesian Ridgeback on lengthy walks in nature and he is known as Boss, which he is.

Dr May’s little Penny is an Africanis and everything about her is indigenous to SA. She, too, loves hiking and walking and is as fit as Boss!

DanielleCowingDanielle Cowing | Animal Hydrotherapist

Dani is a Human qualifed physiotherapist, and completed her Fast Track Hydrotherapy Certificate as well as the Advanced Underwater Treadmill certificate through Greyfriars UK 2016 and commencing her Diploma with PACE (Physiotherapy for Animals Clinical Excellence) this year though Animal Physiotherapy Group of SA. She loves her three pooches, kitten and parot to the moon and back. She is also showing little Amira her Boston Terrior.

Mandy Gibson | Tellington TTouch


As a Tellington TTouch Practitioner, Mandy is passionate about honouring the role that pets play in our lives, and guiding pet guardians to help their animals achieve physical, mental and emotional balance.   TTouch is a gentle and effective way of overcoming behavioural issues which can manifest when this balance is missing. Mandy is also a qualified animal behaviourist, having completed her Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour through COAPE UK. She is also mom to 5 furkids – 3 dogs, a cat and a bunny.

Sheena Drummond | Reception

Sheena’s love and passion for animals is evident, as all our clients would know. She is caring and compassionate in all her dealings with pooches. If you need anything dog or pet related, she will be able to find it for you.

Graham Punt

Graham, or as he is fondly know “Pa” (Lorren’s father) came out of retirement to help set up Pet Wellness Worx. He is a  gracious man with immense passion and love for all animals. He is an avid fisherman, enjoys braaing and will help just about anyone with anything.

Graham is the Facilities co-ordinator and Doggie-driver and will safely collect or drop off your pet.

Britta Morgenroth | Senior Animal Hydrotherapist


After finishing school, she qualified in Industrial Design, but her heart was always close to the furry four-legged family variety, and is now pursuing a full time career at Pet Wellness Worx. While studying, she built up a successful part-time business, house-sitting homes with pets, and has regular dog-walking clients. Over the last four years Britta has gained experience through being a volunteer at Pets as Therapy (P.A.T.), visiting on a regular basis at local old age homes, and is getting involved in programmes involving pet therapy with children with special needs. She is a member of one of Cape Town’s largest dog clubs, where she trains, stewards and competes in competitive obedience and has a few rosettes under her belt! She has also attended courses in obedience, pet first aid, pet wellbeing, Canine Good Citizen, just to name a few. With her positive attitude and her aptitude towards animals, Britta is following her dream to study and work in the pet service industry. Britta has started her COAPE Behaviour Training course and commences her canine body worker course in June 2015.

Corinne and NunuCorinne Gans | Reiki Master

Corinne is a Reiki and Shiatsu practitioner and has been working over the past 3 years intensively with animals as a Reiki practitioner. She has very successfully treated dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, squirrels, pigs and birds. Reiki can be given to all kind of animals and humans. She also offers Reiki to rescue animals, at animal shelters such as the Lucky Lucy Foundation.

She is a mom of 8 furkids: 5 dogs and 3 hamsters.

Fanny Lacroix | Kinesiologist

FrannieFanny is a French national who decided to make South Africa her home. After working as a lecturer and a language practitioner for 12 years, she discovered kinesiology and found in this gentle, powerful modality a golden opportunity to work with animals, which she had wanted to do since she was a child. Fanny qualified in both Equine and Canine Kinesiology through the Specialised Kinesiology College of South Africa and is also working towards her human kinesiology diploma. She is a keen horsewoman and the proud mum of two furkids, Bulle (Bubble in French), a rescue Canis Africanis-collie cross, and Monsieur (Mister in French), a Scottish Terrier. Yes, a horse would be nice too, but that may have to wait until she gets the farm and the animal sanctuary she dreams of. In the meantime, and beyond, she is committed to helping horses, hounds, and even other animals, where possible, on the path to recovery, wellbeing and happiness.

Yvonne RabelingYvonne Rabeling | Relief Receptionist

Yvonne is a passionate and devoted animal lover who has worked in Veterinary reception for many years, which taught her immense empathy for all animals, and is happy to have joined the formidable team of Pet Wellness Worx.  She loves having “4-legged humans” around as they keep her grounded and she opened a cattery The Cat Shack which keeps her very busy.

Marion Vercueil | Receptionist

My name is Marion I was a Veterinary Receptionist for many years. I gained a lot of knowledge on different products and food whilst working at the vet and vet shop. My love and passion for animals and their unconditional love has taught me a lot. I currently own a Senegal Parrot named Ringo.

Casey Ward | Assistant Animal Therapist

After graduating her Honours in Ecological Science, Casey made the decision to follow her dream of working with dogs. She now teaches home obedience classes to puppies and adult dogs and is completing her Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management.  She has 4 furry children, her newest addition is Echo an Australian Shepherd. Her golden oldies are Piper a boxer, and two pugs Dash and Boucher.

Kristine Mylo | Animal Rehabilitation Practitioner

Kristine has had a passion for animals from a very young age, sharing a home with many fur siblings over the years. She graduated with distinction from Equine-Librium College as a Veterinary Therapist and has a hard time choosing between dogs or horses as she is so passionate about both.  She is extremely honoured to have had her final year research reach podium presentation at both the EVDI and SAEVA conferences last year. She loves being part of the Pet Wellness Worx team and is driven to exceed all expectations in order to give her patients the best treatment and life possible.

Frances Kempton- Jones | Animal Hydrotherapist

After completing her schooling in 2014, Frances knew she wanted to work with animals, but was at that time, not sure which direction to follow. She used her gap year to explore many animal related avenues whilst working as an assistant at a play school and coaching mini hockey.  It was during that year that she met Britta who introduced her to Lorren at Pet Wellness Worx.  After spending some time at Pet Wellness Worx observing, the seed was planted!  Frances went on to complete a course in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals presented by The Greyfriars Veterinary Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Centre.  That was followed by a couple of months as an intern at the Blue Cross Animal Physical Rehab Unit. Further courses in Underwater treadmill and an internship followed at the Greyfriars Rehabilitation Centre in England.  Frances’s siblings include a two adorable Jack Russells named Jonty and Lucy and her new addition Zoe who is a rescue.

Dr Lance Riggien | Veterinary Chiropractic & Shockwave Therapy

Wave Therapy – an innovative non-surgical method of pain elimination.

Passionate about the benefits of this treatment, Dr Riggien is currently the only therapist in Port Elizabeth offering both focused and radial shockwave therapy. He comes down to Cape Town every three weeks to see our Canine patients,

His warm blend of professionalism and care make a visit to “Dr Lance” a positive and effective experience for patients suffering from acute or chronic pain in muscles, tendons, ligaments, capsules, joints or bones.

Marisel Janse van Noordwyk | Animal Physiotherapist

Marisèl obtained her BA Honours degree in 2009 where after she still knew her passion lay in working with animals. So off to Plettenbergbay she went and qualified from Equine-Librium College as Veterinary Rehabilitation Therapist in 2016, she enjoys working with horses, dogs and especially cats. She has four fur babies of her own, two cats called Tippex and Minkie and two dogs called Hayley and Indi. Hayley, her newest edition, the Border Collie is training in Agility to become her moms champ. Marisèl strives to give each patient the optimal treatment possible and best quality of life she has to offer.