Allison – Daisy Rupp

Daisy (7years old) was initially diagnosed with degeneration of vertebrae in her neck and lower back – 6months ago, although I had noticed general deterioration in movement and general well being over the months before she was diagnosed. For the past 2 month, she has had physio, laser therapy and of course the hydro sessions and I can honestly say my dog is happier than ever before, she is completely back to her old self and has such increased stamina and endurance when we walk now and she is also very playful again!

THANK YOU so much to the staff at Pet wellness, you guys are great and you all really go the extra mile for each baby. Daisy actually gets excited to come to you as we have a little ritual and then she knows we are going to Petwellness, she adores the attention and fuss made over her and its been a real WOW time for me.

  • April 13, 2016

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