Gaydrey Browne – Sheila

SheilaI think Britta is doing a great job with Sheila. She is very positive and Sheila can’t wait to get into the hydro room – it’s wonderful to see Sheila enjoying her treatment.

Britta really monitors her well, and adjusts based on what she’s seeing. I think it was a great idea to move the band to the back legs and there is definitely an improvement as she had been walking with her back legs splayed out before that. She’d tried the band around her body, in front of the back legs, but it didn’t have the same results.

Sheila is definitely better – she stands more easily from a lying position. Before, she would sit up and then lean over her front legs to get up, and she’s not doing that anymore.
I’d used hydrotherapy in Joburg so I knew it worked, but wanted to find someone good here in Cape Town. If ever you need a reference, please feel free to use my name.

  • April 13, 2016

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