Ilze – Rogue Fourie

RogueWe were very concerned when Rogue was diagnosed with start of arthritis in her back legs by our vet. Although it was to be expected since she is a “young 12 year” old lady I was devastated.  My aim was to ensure that Rogue has good quality life and can be around for years.  An option was putting her on pain meds – I was not too keen on this since long term pain meds create other issues.

I heard that Pet Wellness opened -after some checking and getting excellent reviews – I decided to introduce Rogue to hydro therapy. The first few sessions was  a slow process. I could see the improvement in her mobility within a month!

So now Rogue is a regular visitor to Aunty Lorren and Aunty Britta.  She loves all the attention. Rogue’s time on the underwater treadmill has increased and she is doing well.

We had a session with Dr May as well for acupuncture since more support is needed as Rogue is getting older. All this is assisting Rogue to remain  mobile and able to run her “bakery” business.

I will be forever grateful that my path crossed with the ladies of Pet Wellness Worx. Between hydro therapy, acupuncture, keeping her weight low and some supplements this little queen Bee is going strong!

Thanks ladies!

  • April 13, 2016

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