Karen Ribero – Sly

SlyMy big boy Sly (Sylvester) is currently doing Hydrotherapy for his slipped patella. When the vet suggested Hydro for my cat, I was very sceptical, as although I had lots of faith in Lorren and her team, who helped my Golden Retriever after her hip replacement, my cat had never been in water, and well, he’s a cat!!!! But Lorren and Britta were absolutely great with him. From his very first session, they calmed him and got him walking with no scratches, fights or cat howls to be heard. My boy has a long journey ahead, but I have every faith in Lorren and her team of experts!! Thanks, for your dedication, advice, hard work and love for every animal that comes to you for help!! x

  • April 13, 2016

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