What is biopuncture?

Biopuncture is sometimes called aquapuncture or mesotherapy. Biopuncture is the use small needles to inject tiny amounts of natural substances into acupuncture and trigger points. Injections are given just under the skin, or sometimes into muscles. These treatments have been used in human medicine for a long time and are gaining popularity in veterinary medicine.

How does biopuncture work?

Biopuncture injections can enhance the effects of acupuncture. The injection techniques allow for slow assimilation of the natural medicinal products into connective tissue. In effect the patient is receiving a sustained release treatment combining the power of acupuncture and natural medicine. This stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms.

What is injected?

The biologic products include extremely dilute amounts of herbs or homeopathic medicines. Some of them are probably familiar to you, such as echinacea, arnica, or calendula. One of the most commonly used substances is Traumeel, an inflammatory regulating substance. (4 images)