Canine Massage

Dog-MassageHow can massage benefit my dog?

Canine Massage is a complementary therapy which has a positive influence on both the physical and psychological wellbeing of dogs.

It can benefit your dog by:

  • Improving connective tissue and increasing joint mobility.
  • Encouraging flexibility and range of movement in joints.
  • Helping to reduce muscular tension and soreness.
  • Helping to reduce swelling and excessive scar tissue, as well as aiding recovery
  • Easing muscle spasm and muscular pain.
  • Warming up muscles pre-exercise.
  • Encouraging relaxation by regulating the heartbeat and respiration rate.
  • Enhancing circulatory blood circulation and lymph drainage.

Why does my dog need a massage?

If any of the following sound familiar and you answer yes to any of the points listed, then your dog could benefit from a treatment of massage.

  • Is your dog hyperactive?
  • Does it have behavioural problems?
  • Is your dog nervous, anxious or suffering from stress?
  • Is your dog elderly or getting stiff?
  • Does your dog have mobility problems?
  • Is your dog recovering from illness or injury?
  • Does your dog have musculoskeletal problems?
  • Has your dog recently had surgery?
  • Is your dog a large breed?
  • Is your dog a working dog?
  • Is your dog a competitive athlete (obedience/agility/Fly Ball/Field etc.)?