Shockwave Therapy


ESWT relies on a series of high energy sound waves which are directed into the areas of pain. These waves accelerate healing by activating the body’s own regenerative powers, stimulating metabolic activity and boosting blood circulation. Painless mobility is the ultimate result.

Shock waves are used to treat musculoskeletal soft tissue damage, including muscle, ligament, joint, tendon, and bone ailments, as well as back and spine problems and foot and leg injuries.

ESWT eliminates pain, restores mobility and stimulates bone growth. The treatment, which does not require sedation, releases endorphins and accelerates the healing process in a few painless, non-invasive treatment sessions.

Shockwave therapy is known to be beneficial in treating the following conditions in companion animals:

Hip and elbow dysplasia Painful scar tissue
Degenerative joint disease (hip, elbow) Chronic back pain
Osteoarthritis Lick granuloma
Spondylosis (degeneration of joints in the spine) Sesamoiditis (chronic inflammation of bones in the foot)
Tendon and ligament injuries Chronic wound care
Legg-Calve-Perthes disease (degeneration of the head of the femur bone in the hind leg) Trigger points
Non-healing (non-union) or delayed healing (delayed union) fractures Acupressure points