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Veterinary Bodywork

The practice of physical therapy and bodywork

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Medical Management

Assistance in recovery after surgery

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Animal Hydrotherapy

Promotes physical wellbeing in a safe and enjoyable way

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Pain Management

Help in relaxing muscles and nerve stimualtion

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Health and Wellbeing

Care and assistance from puppies to geriatrics

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Animal Physiotherapy

Close to my Heart

I love and believe in the work I do, and I’ve seen firsthand the benefits of veterinary physiotherapy with my own pets, who received successful treatment for arthritis and neurological conditions.

Information is Power
I believe in empowering pet owners with all the information, tips and tricks they need to make the lives of their pets better. In the same way, I never stop learning and see eduction as the gift that keeps on giving.
My Mission

My mission is to make your pet more comfortable by working on their mobility and guide you throughout the rehabilitation, physiotherapy, training and exercise program.


Asked Questions

Yes, I am a referral-based clinic and work with your vet and keep them up to date about your pet’s progress

First consultation and assessments, depending on the condition, usually take 45-90 minutes. Follow-up treatments typically range between 30-45 minutes, again depending on the needs of your pet.

It speeds up healing and recovery while alleviating pain. I help to educate owners with tools and skills on the road to recovery and the inclusion of them as part of a rehab team. Physio helps to ensure optimal recovery to return to the highest functional level and, at the same time, try to prevent reinjury. We are constantly monitoring and addressing the case clinically to try and prevent complications.

Absolutely, we request that you be present during the initial treatments, discussions, and consultation, and encourage you to stay for all subsequent treatments. Knowledge and awareness are key to your pet’s successful rehabilitation and recovery. During sessions, we also assess the needs of your fur child and adjust accordingly.

The underwater treadmill increases leg movement and flexion (bending), with near-normal extension (straightening) of the leg. The underwater treadmill exercise is done with minimal weight-bearing through the resistance of the water, thereby building muscle bulk to support affected/operated areas with the comfort and stability of the water.

Swimming, on the other hand, only increases flexion and uses water to relieve discomfort and promote physical wellbeing in a non-weight bearing environment. It helps to increase joint range of motion and muscle strength. The water acts as an overall hose, and with this compression of the body it alleviates pain and inflammation.
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