The Clinic

I founded Pet Wellness Worx in November of 2014 and continue to strive to be the leader in South Africa for a standard of excellence in every aspect of pet rehabilitation.

About Me

About Me

I  specialise in the health, wellbeing and rehabilitative care of man’s best friend. A pet’s life is short in comparison to that of their human companions. So let us give them the quality of life they deserve, and make every precious moment count.

Holistic and Non-Invasive treatment

Standard of Excellence Since 2014


What I Do


My approach to animal care is holistic and non-invasive. I use hydrotherapy, canine bodywork, different massage techniques and rehabilitation practices as therapeutic tools to help your orthopaedic, neurologic and arthritic pets with mobility.  I have a very special love for exotics and try to problemsolve mobility and pain issues using clinical knowledge and adaptive techniques.


How and Why I Do It

I make use of safe and reliable techniques to treat my patients suffering from secondary spasms, compensatory tension and gait abnormalities. These include massage, therapeutic exercise, water therapy and other modalities. The benefits range from alleviating pain, muscle tension and joint tightness to restoring joint range of motion and joint function. My hands are the best tools I have. They help me to identify problem areas, and from there I can use my scientific know-how and experience to help my fur patients.

Just like you, I’m an animal lover, a member of dog clubs, in the dog world right alongside you, etc. After all, we are all just pet owners looking for the same thing; a non-invasive way to make our pets happy and healthy.

Lorren Barham